Saturday, 27 April 2013

I believe...

Dan Olmsted is the editor of Age of Autism. I'd have thought that to get the title "Editor" of anything, you'd need to have at least a modicum of sense. But when has that ever mattered at Age of Idiocy?

Olmsted writes a piece which he pompously titles "Weekly Wrap", in which he moans about sensible people not agreeing with his loopy ideas, and mentions mercury more often than a hagiographic post on a Queen forum.

This week, he's praising Joan Campbell. You may remember Campbell - she put a website together called "", which is basically a list of unsupported and unverified anecdotes from anti-vaxers making claims that their children are ill because of vaccines.

Olmsted quotes one of these - it starts like this:
I believe my son's issues stem from the two flu vaccines I was strongly advised to take during pregnancy.

"I believe." That's it.

Well, people believe a lot of shit, and, at Age of Autism, belief is the only thing they've got. I'll leave you with this:

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