Thursday, 18 November 2010

Cybertiger loses final appeal

How did I miss this one - a story from a couple of months ago now?

Everybody's favourite pointless dickhead, Dr Mark Struthers, has lost his final appeal against his sacking.

Interestingly, his sacking wasn't due to his anti-vaccine, anti-science, AIDS-denying, pro-idiocy views (JabsLoonies Passim), but, by the sound of it, for being a dickhead.

He was sacked for gross misconduct, appealed, and lost, and then took his ex-employers to an industrial tribunal, and lost.

So please join me in raising a belated glass to the sacking of an utter, utter arsehole. And congratulations to "Bedfordshire On Sunday", currently my favourite local paper.

And Struthers' final words on the subject? Yes, he's being an cock again:

“Of course, it was not so much the winning but the taking part that really mattered and I have absolutely no regrets about giving the doctors and their business manager a run for their money."


stevesinghalsingh said...

Cybertiger is not all bad. And I'm as critical as all of us. He did at least one good thing which will emerge in due course. May not have been to do with vaccination but .... .

Becky said...

Really? I'm prepared to give credit where credit's due - but I'm highly doubtful... Details?

BrianDeer said...
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BrianDeer said...
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Becky said...

Excellent. Now, could you fuck off a bit quicker than that please?

Becky said...

@stevesinghalsingh - Any clues as to CyberTiddles' one good deed?

Matt said...

He reputedly helped an old lady cross the road once.